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Conversion Tracking

Platforms like Google and Facebook use AI to optimize your ads for conversions. Without accurate conversion tracking, the AI cannot optimize your ads effectively.

Gain actionable insights into your website traffic, including their behavior, traffic sources, and bounce rates, empowering you to make informed decisions for website optimization.

Simple tracking setup

40 €

Advanced tracking setup

180 €

Proper conversion setup for Google Ads, Facebook Ads or other platforms

90 € per platform

Presenting KPIs in a beautiful way to get a great overview

Individual offer

Search Engines

When individuals are actively seeking something on Google, Google Maps, or Bing, it becomes significantly easier to persuade them to purchase that specific item from you.

In the realm of search engines, two options exist: pay-per-click advertising or strategic website optimization for consistent traffic. While paid ads offer flexibility and scalability, optimizing your website for search engines unlocks long-term benefits, capitalizing on the potential of free organic traffic.

SEO Website Audit

40 €

On-Page Optimization

90 €

Link Building

90 €

Bing or Google Ads setup or audit

90 €

Social Media


With its billions of engaged users, social media is a goldmine of user data and advertising potential. Use it to tailor your ads and foster trust by building a loyal following. This isn’t about direct selling; it’s about engaging, informing, and entertaining. When your audience needs your services, your memorable interactions will lead them right back to you. Turn social media connections into lasting business opportunities.


Page creation

40 €

10 Posts

60 €

Ads Setup

90 €

Ads Audit

190 €


Elevate your content to engage, inform, and captivate – it’s the secret to achieving your marketing goals like boosting conversions. With the right content, you can tell a powerful story – images may speak a thousand words, but a video can convey so much more. The digital space isn’t just about sales, it’s about creating value through knowledge and entertainment.

Let’s take your marketing to the next level. From explanatory videos and infographics to compelling blog posts, we’re here to serve your diverse content needs.


40 €

Explanation video

90 €


20 €

5 blog posts

90 €


Discover the untapped potential within your marketing efforts with our comprehensive audit services. We offer a wide range of audits, including search engine advertising, SEO, social media, email marketing, and technical aspects of your website. Our expert team will analyze your strategies, campaigns, and setups to uncover hidden opportunities for improvement. With our tailored recommendations and insights, you can optimize your marketing approach, enhance customer engagement, and maximize your return on investment.

SEO Audit

Individual offer

Google Ads Audit

Individual offer

Facebook Ads Audit

Individual offer

Tracking Audit

Individual offer

Strategic Planning

Harness the immense power of strategic planning to unlock the full potential of your business. We will guide you in developing comprehensive strategies that align every aspect of your organization, set ambitious yet attainable goals, identify untapped opportunities, and foster a culture of innovation. Take the first step towards maximizing your success by contacting us today.

Market Research

Individual offer

Business Plan

Individual offer

Branding Strategy

Individual offer

Marketing Strategy

Individual offer

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