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Our suite of services is designed to enhance your abilities, facilitate informed decision-making, and free you from specific tasks by engaging our specialized freelancers. We focus on delivering quality services that align with our stringent standards, offering a holistic platform that equips you with essential tools and insights in marketing, business, and IT.

At masterful.info, we strive to unleash the latent potential within every startup. We stand by your side, providing indispensable expertise, nurturing your skills, and delivering premier services to help you realize your business aspirations. Our comprehensive support aims to foster an environment where startups flourish and achieve their maximum potential. Welcome to the catalyst of your success.

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We offer a diverse range of Services, carefully designed For the needs of today's businesses.

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Wilhelm Laubach

Online Marketing Expert and Entrepreneur


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As an online entrepreneur since 2005, Wilhelm is highly experienced in a variety of areas.


He’s a master of SEO, Google Ads, Social Media Marketing & Analytics, Bing Ads, Domains, WordPress, and much more.


Wilhelm has overseen projects of all scales and difficulties. He’s led campaigns focused on toys, health, insurance, finance, gaming, and any other industry you can think of.


A team of skilled digital experts helps Wilhelm create the absolute best results for video courses around online marketing and business.

Christian Ruehringer

Christian Ruehringer

Passioned about building tech companies


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Christian got hooked up to the Internet at a very young age. Driven by the desire to design and extend his favorite video games, he learned C and C++ at the age of ten, moved quickly into web technologies such as Javascript, PHP and SQL in his teenage years.

Always being fascinated about connecting with people around the globe he started to create his own social networks using PHP and MySQL and found quickly jobs within the European startup communities challenging him over and over again to keep up pace with the steady growth of those markets.

In times of Cloud computing, WiFi everywhere and 5G coming up, he strongly believes in distributed teams, remote-only workplaces and modern Internet architectures.

He prefers his coffee black and loves to tinker around with cloud computing, Linux and networking in his spare time.

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