Our Tracking Services

The Imperative of Tracking

Tracking is the backbone of any online business – without it, you’re navigating without a map.

Benefits include
  • Identifying Problem Areas: A multi-page form with high user drop-off at page three? Tracking can pinpoint this issue, prompting a solution.
  • Spotting Opportunities and Scaling: Notice unusually high conversion rates from a particular marketing channel or campaign? Scaling this up could drastically increase your revenues.
  • Leveraging AI for Optimization: Major ad platforms (Google, Facebook, Bing, LinkedIn etc.) use AI to optimize conversions, displaying your ads to users most likely to make a conversion (purchase, request, signup etc.). Conversion tracking feeds this AI with valuable data.

Essential Considerations for Tracking

  • Set Goals and KPIs: Defining what you want to achieve and how to measure it is crucial
  • Overview of KPIs: Utilize tools like Data Studio to keep your team accountable and quickly identify performance trends.
  • Benchmarking: Compare your progress with competitors and similar businesses to understand your position in the marketplace. Tools and experienced experts can help you with that.
Tracking Necessities
  • Analytical Tool: Use something like Google Analytics to gather and analyze your data. You can connect Google Analytics with other tools to get even more details.
  • Cookie Consent Banner (for Europe): A banner that prevents cookies from being dropped before user consent.
  • Conversion Tracking: Implement separate conversion tracking for each marketing channel. Don’t forget to mention that in your data privacy.
  • UTM Parameters: Consider using these to gather more information about the traffic from specific links.
  • KPI Overview: Maintain an accessible view of the most important KPIs, perhaps using Data Studio.
Simple tracking setup

40 €

Advanced tracking setup

180 €

Proper conversion setup for Google Ads, Facebook Ads or other platforms

90 € per platform

Presenting KPIs in a beautiful way to get a great overview

Individual offer

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