Are marketing costs and complexity holding your startup back? You're not alone

We believe every startup deserves top-notch marketing, no matter the budget. Our turnkey packages are the bridge between your marketing challenges and success.

Transparent Pricing

We set up your marketing setup for low fix cost. After that we can contiue managing it or you can do it yourself. No contact clauses, no surprised costs, absolute flexible.

Data-Driven, Startup-Approved

Every package backed by performance metrics from many successful campaigns.

Bypass the Learning Curve

Access decades of marketing Expertise. If you decide to run you marketing yourself, we will show you how to do that.

Tailored Touch, Premium Price: The Economics of Agency Customization

Tailor-made marketing by agencies pushes up startup costs considerably. Frequent discussions and adjustments make it difficult to estimate the amount of work involved, prompting agencies to mark up their prices even more for potential extra work.

Efficient Marketing Bundles at a Discount

We identified impactful marketing setups common to many startups and packaged them into discounted bundles. Repeated execution has sharpened our efficiency and effectiveness.

The Pitfalls of Self-Managed Marketing

With budget limits, startups often handle marketing internally. Time constraints and inexperience cause late-detected costly errors.

Our Streamlined Approach Unlocks Your Potential

Our experience spans countless projects, each one providing valuable lessons that have enhanced our expertise. We’ve identified effective strategies and recognized pitfalls to avoid, enabling us to maximize your marketing investments efficiently.

Our Streamlined Approach Unlocks Your Potential

Below are our primary packages, tailored and refined specifically for startups. We’ll customize them to align with your startup’s unique requirements. Should you need something more specific, please feel free to reach out to us.

Ads Setup & Optimization, Including Conversion Tracking

Google Ads


per campaign

Google Ads can serve as an incredibly effective marketing channel, capturing audiences actively searching for your offerings. However, it’s also prone to potential missteps. Our team ensures a seamless setup, including accurate conversion tracking, to maximize your campaign’s effectiveness and minimize errors.

Social Media Ads


per channel

To engage a highly specific audience and generate excitement about your product, advertising on social media platforms such as Meta and LinkedIn can be a strategic choice. Our team is ready to manage the entire setup, including conversion tracking, to ensure optimal performance and insights.

After the setup and optimization, we can manage the ads for you for $180 per month per channel and campaign or we can show you how you can manage it yourself.

Bringing Your Marketing to the Next Level

Sales Funnel Setup


for a standard sales funnel

For high-value offerings, leveraging a sales funnel can be remarkably effective. We start by providing something valuable to your target audience at no cost, capturing their contact information in the process. We then implement a tailored email sequence designed to build trust and persuade the prospect to ultimately make a purchase.

Landing Pages


per landing page

Attracting the right visitors to your site is crucial, but converting them into customers is key. A landing page, where visitors arrive after clicking on your ads, plays a pivotal role in this conversion process. We have perfected the art of crafting compelling landing pages that drive sales.

Three-Step Process


Select Your Package

Choose from our range of pre-optimized marketing solutions tailored for startups. If you don’t find what you need, please contact us.


Onboard with Ease

Provide us with your basic details, and we’ll set everything up for you—no hassle, no stress.


Watch Your Startup Grow

With everything in place, see your marketing drive results, while you focus on what you do best.


You can schedule a consultation call with our seasoned experts to gain valuable insights. Their 15+ years of experience in the online business sector, including founding startups and managing numerous projects across various startups, can help you significantly save time and money for your venture.

Wilhelm L.

Currently only $99 per hour (standard price $150)

Christian R.

Currently only $99 per hour (standard price $150)

Join the ranks of successful startups that chose efficiency and quality. Your journey to marketing excellence starts here.


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