StoryBrand Website Wireframe Template

1. Header (Above the Fold)

  • Hero Statement: A concise, impactful statement that identifies what you offer, who it’s for, and how it solves a problem.
  • Sub-Header: Briefly expand on how your service/product benefits the user.
  • Primary Call to Action (CTA): A clear, direct action you want users to take (e.g., “Get Started”, “Schedule a Call”).
  • Supporting Image or Video: Visuals that represent the hero’s aspirational identity or success.

2. Stakes Section

  • Address the Problem: Outline the problems and frustrations your hero faces.
  • Introduce the Guide: Briefly introduce your company as the guide with empathy and authority (credentials, awards, expertise).

3. Value Proposition

  • Three to Four Bullet Points: Quick highlights of your key benefits or features.
  • Secondary Call to Action: A softer call to action, like “Learn More”.

4. How It Works (Plan)

  • Step-by-Step Plan: Simplify the process into 3-4 easy steps. This could be how to buy, sign up, or get started with your service/product.

5. Testimonials or Social Proof

  • Success Stories: Show how others have succeeded with your help.
  • Trust Symbols: Logos of known clients, certifications, or media mentions.

6. Detailed Explanation of Services/Products

  • In-Depth Details: Additional information about your products/services, focusing on benefits and outcomes for the hero.

7. More Detailed Guide Credentials

  • Authority Section: More about your expertise, history, mission, or why you’re uniquely suited to help.

8. Final Call to Action

  • Direct and Bold CTA: Repeat the primary call to action to ensure the visitor has multiple opportunities to engage.

9. Footer

  • Navigation Links: Links to other areas of your site such as About, Contact, Blog, etc.
  • Contact Information: Easy access to phone numbers, email, or a contact form.
  • Social Media Icons: Links to your social media for further engagement.

Example Wireframe Notes:

  • Header: “Transform Your Business with Cutting-Edge Marketing Tools”
    • Sub-Header: “Trusted by Over 500 Companies Worldwide”
    • CTA: “Get Free Demo”
    • Visual: A happy business owner looking at growth charts on a computer.
  • Stakes Section: “Are you struggling to get noticed in a saturated market?”
    • Guide Intro: “With 20 years of marketing expertise, we help businesses shine.”
  • Plan:
    1. “Select Your Plan”
    2. “Customize to Your Needs”
    3. “Watch Your Business Grow”
  • Testimonials: “See how others have doubled their revenue with our tools.”

This wireframe template ensures that your website is laid out in a clear, logical flow that leads visitors toward making a decision, by effectively utilizing the StoryBrand framework to structure the content.

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